Vashti S. Moore

Lifestyle Writer + Blogger + Mentor

Born in Baltimore, MD but raised in Hanover, PA Vashti Moore is an active duty Marine wife who has a passion for empowering women and educating military spouses.

A real estate Freelance Lifestyle Journalist, Vashti also dedicates her time to her newest blog, Transparently Bold. Vashti previously worked in the Broadcast industry as a News Writer and Digital Producer for KUSI News and FOX 5 San Diego. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Albright College, located in Reading, PA, back in 2015. She then went on to pursue a Master of Arts in Strategic Communications from National University in La Jolla, CA.

Last year, Vashti launched her very own podcast on YouTube, Extraordinary Women, which would soon be moved to other platforms including, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and many more. She is also an Entrepreneur serving a handful of clients in home decor and and handcrafted wreaths.

To stay up to date on Vashti’s whereabouts and upcoming projects you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @vashtimooretv.

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