Albright Student Pursues Passion In Photography

S16cc28742  Photo Courtesy of John Pankratz

Reading, Pa- Did you know what you wanted to major in when you first came into college? When you decided on a major, did you realize that it was something you were always passionate about? This is the case with many students who come into college knowing right from the start what kind of career they want. It all starts with where your passion truly falls. Whether your passion is in music, writing, or it can simply be inspiring other people. If what you just read describes you, then you are much like Albright sophomore Angela Cremer.

They say that small town people go to big cities and city people go to small towns. It was different for Angela when she chose to come to Albright. Being from Kutztown, Pennsylvania and graduating in a class with the total of 211 students at Fleetwood High School, she knew that she wanted to attend a small college. “I knew from the start that I wanted to go to a small school. I really liked the college tour here,” she said. “Everyone was really welcoming and you got that sense of how it is a small school,” she added.Motherdaughter

Photo Courtesy of Angela Cremer

Coming into Albright, Angela knew what kind of career she wanted to pursue. She always had a passion and love for photography. She knew that choosing a major in Communications with a minor in Photography was the perfect match for her. “I have always had a passion for it,” she said. “It has always been a hobby. I do some work on the side and in my high school I was the editor of the yearbook. I was always going to games and taking pictures on the sidelines. I have just always loved it,” she added.Shelton rings Photo Courtesy of Angela Cremer

However, it was not until she came to Albright when she got more involved with photography. The more work she did the more the enjoyment evolved in her. “I did a little thing last semester with the Albright Arts Magazine,” she said. “I just recently had my first piece published in the Albrightian. I am also looking to do an ACRE over the summer with Dr. Pankratz,” she added. For the ACRE, Angela will join History Professor John Pankratz in his “Faces of Reading” where she will be doing a “Then and Now” photography shots of different residents in the Berks County Community.DSC_0140 - Version 2

Whether she is doing work for The Albright AM, The Albrightian, or an ACRE with John Pankratz in his “Faces of Reading,” Angela is always at work with what she loves to do. “I have considered maybe living in Boston if I would want to do city work for company PR agencies,” she said. “Probably do work for non-profits interest me because I would give back to something. I am interested in having a passion to help them out. Just something I can do in every aspect that I learn at Albright. Take it in terms of doing photographs, doing advertising, and doing layout in writing,” she added.

Photo Courtesy of Angela Cremer


Photo Courtesy of Angela Cremer

Angela also explained how she would like to do work for a Lifestyle magazine. “I think a lifestyle magazine would be my ideal goal,” she said. So you see anyone can have a passion and make something of it. If you are like Angela Cremer then you have potential to do what it is that you truly love.

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