Loving You is Like a Sin

Loving You is Like a Sin

My mind is saying yes

But my heart is saying no

My lips say stop

But my body says go

Why can’t I leave you alone

Why can’t I move on

Is it the way you look at me

Is it the sweet sexy things you say to me

Maybe it’s the way you touch me

The way those hands caress my body

Damn…it’s just so lovely

I want you so bad

But I know I shouldn’t

I love you so much

Even though I said I wouldn’t

I am tempted

Tempted to run back

I feel pressured

Pressured to play the act

This is not okay

But like always

You get your way

Here I am again

You got me…

I just love it…

I love how you pull me in

You’re like gravity

And my love for you

Is the beautiful sin

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