Miss Understood

Miss Understood

They call her pretty

They say she is beautiful

But the moment she has a bad hair day

Niggas turn the other way

They call independent

They say she can stand on her own

But the moment she needs a shoulder to cry on

They say “bitch you grown”

They call her intellectual

They say she is articulate

But the moment she expresses herself

She is being inappropriate

They call her ambitious

They say she is goal oriented

But the moment she sets standards and expectations

She is ridiculed without anyone’s hesitation

They call her confident

They say she is sure of herself

But the moment she speaks of what she knows

She is judged for being a cocky conceited hoe

They call her a bitch

They say she ain’t shit

They call her a beautiful soul

They say she is whole

She is viewed as good

She is perceived as this ignorant bitch from the sticks and woods

She is me

You see

At least I wish you could

At least I wish you would

She goes by the name of Miss Understood

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