The Bounce Back

The Bounce Back

But I think I’m losing it

And my inability to stay consistent is proving it

I’m doing too much

And I can’t comprehend

Forcing things to be is just a God awful sin

Constantly thinking miles a minute

Pretending to be okay with some shit

When my heart really isn’t in it

What makes it worse

Is that everyone is in my ear

Reaching grabbing at my wheel

Taking over and trying to steer

Now I’m in a place where others think for me

But good thing it doesn’t take me long to bounce back thankfully

I’m just off track

Loss of balance

My account is low

Time to start working for an allowance

Mentally emotionally drained

Literally two seconds away of losing my brain

The bounce back is about to real

As I re-adapt my thought process is becoming more ideal

It took me a minute to get back into a flow

Now that I got it back

Watch a sista glow


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