The Diary of a Military Wife

Balancing a professional work life, social life, and wife life of a Military man can be tough! I can’t count how many times I have cried because I’ve just been mentally and emotionally tired from handling everything on my own. But women, military wives, we are strong powerful creatures. The sad part is, most military wives don’t believe that nor do they see that. They are being told they are strong. They are being thanked for their service as a Military Wife, but deep down how are they really appreciated? How are they really supported?

They are being told that they have support, but the moment that support leaves, whether it’s another Military Wife who’s gotten orders with her husband, whether it’s a friend she’s grown a part from because it’s hard to relate to one another anymore, whether she leaves her family for such long periods of time, or whether her husband leaves for a deployment, she feels left alone. Once again, that mental, physical, and emotional sacrifice starts back up again, and readjustment sets in place.

I know for me, I wish I had someone to talk to on a regular basis that can relate to every emotion and sacrifice that I make as a military wife. For once, I just wish I would never feel alone. What makes this post so special, is that I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, and I know that there are other women out there, white, black, Latina, Asian, gay, lesbian, or straight, who go through exactly what I go through.

Ladies, how do we cope? What can we do to build each other up, when we feel torn down? How can we connect to one another in support of our similar struggles? Starting this summer, I would like to start a live session on Facebook or Instagram of what I like to call “The Diary of a Military Wife.” The first session will be 15 minutes long as a trial session! I would like to see how the first one goes and how success it becomes!

If you can relate to everything I’ve just spoken about, every single detail, every emotion and thought I have spoken about, stand with me and join me this summer for a short session of “The Diary of a Military Wife.” Come prepared with specific topics, ideas, stories you’d like to share! Most importantly…don’t forget your wine and/or latte!

Dates will be released soon! Share this post! Love you ladies! From the bottom of my heart, military wife to another, thank you for your service!

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