The Path to Redefining a New Me

Hey there ladies! Welcome to my first blog entry of Transparently Bold! I am so glad you’re here because I have so much that I would like to share with you, but for now I’ll try to keep this one simple. Let’s see where do I start with this post? Oh, I know! The first obvious thing to do would be to introduce myself if this your first time coming to my website or following me.

My name is Vashti (VASH-tie) and I am a Freelance Lifestyle Journalist and Blogger. I run my own business in home decor and I host my own podcast, Extraordinary Women. I’ve been married four years now to handsome active duty Marine and I am weeks away of becoming a new mom! I have two little fur babies, a Pomeranian (Chance) and a bunny (Peanut). I know, very interesting pet duo isn’t it? And just in case you’re wondering, yes they do get along, the bunny just prefers to be left alone most days now as he grows older LOL.

Anyway, I reside in Dallas-Fort Wort area and I am still getting familiar with my surroundings, things to do for fun, making new friends, and finding new hobbies. Like I stated above, I am glad you found your way to my first blog entry, and I hope that after reading this one, you’ll return again for the next one. Now, I am sure you’re wondering “what is this blog going to be about?” That’s actually a great question because the short answer is, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE LOL. But wait…don’t leave just yet because there’s a reason why I don’t know.


When I decided to write this blog entry, it was only because my friend and I (Camilla) made a pact with each other that once a month we would commit to doing a blog entry on our websites, and that if one of us slips and falls behind we hold each other accountable like “hey girl, you need to get on that.” And the strange thing is for the longest time I have wanted to start my own personal blog, but I just never made the time for it nor did I have much to really say or talk about. Now, my whole life is about to change as I shift into this new role of motherhood and for the first time being a stay-at-home-wife and mom.

Let me just say that my husband and I are elated to welcome our baby girl into our lives and as it gets closer to her expected birthday, I also get more excited. Though I also get scared too. I’m about to enter this new chapter of my life where I’ll be redefining myself as woman, as a wife, as a new mom, and more importantly as Vashti. I have never been the woman to solely depend on her husband for everything. I have always been independent. I have always had a career, contributed to household finances, and a bit of financial freedom saving money for some goals that I want to achieve. Now, that’s all about to change. I will no longer have control of or much of a say in financial spending.

My daughter will also from here on out will always come first. I realize that the sacrifices I am about to make physically, emotionally, and mentally, will be forever. I no will no longer have the option of putting myself first. And that is a hard pill for me to swallow. However, it’s not all a bad thing. Not all of it has to be negative right? There’s still a blessing in all of this and that blessing is discovering “the new Vashti.” Other than a new mom, who else will I become? What kind of wife will God want me to be? What kind of woman will He prepare me to become? I guess it all remains to be seen.

As I stated at the beginning, though I have no clue what this blog will be about I am happy that you are here reading this first entry. I am excited to take on this new journey and share it with you. My promise to myself and to you is to be as transparent and as bold as I can be as I navigate through this new chapter of my life. My name is Vashti and welcome to my blog, Transparently Bold. ~ Vashti

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